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3CX Features – Handsets and Softphones – Part 2


When using 3CX systems, you have two options when it comes to making and receiving calls – handsets or softphones.


Special SIP handsets are available for use with 3CX systems, from various manufacturers, but there is also another option. Software phones, or softphones, are programs designed to enable you to use your computer as a phone, when connected to a 3CX network. Softphone apps are also available for many smartphones such as iPhones or Android phones, turning a regular mobile into a phone that can connect to and use your company’s 3CX system. Consumer programs such as Skype already exist, but there are also many softphones by different vendors (some of them free) that can be used on your company’s 3CX IP PBX system.

There are advantages to using both handsets and softphones, so we’ve provided a little information about each in order to help you make a more informed decision. The handset used in our comparison is the Grandstream GXP 2100 HD, and the softphone is 3CX’s own in-house maintained software.


  • Basic functions as easy to use as a standard phone.
  • Centralised phonebook capabilities.
  • Programmable soft keys.
  • Full duplex speakerphone.
  • HD audio.
  • LCD display.
  • Web apps (stocks, news feeds, weather etc.)
  • Work independently of your PC – Make and receive calls during PC downtime or errors.
  • Add or remove handsets from your network as required.
  • Maintain the “feel” of using a desk phone while taking advantage of money-saving features.
  • Compatible with many headsets.
  • Can be used together with softphones.



  • Use your PC and standard headset or earphones and a mic – No additional hardware to purchase.
  • Save on space.
  • Add more extensions / users as you add PCs.
  • Use a PC or smartphone to add a temporary extension.
  • Allow mobile workers to use the network as they enter and leave.
  • Turn an Android smartphone or an iPhone into a 3CX network compatible handset.
  • Fully featured.
  • Highly configurable.
  • Automatic connection and configuration for many devices.
  • Extensions turn off as PCs are turned off or users are logged off.
  • Can be used together with handsets.

There are many more points we could delve into for both handsets and softphones, but we feel that those mentioned above are the most important.

In our next post, we.’ll be looking at some scenarios and what kind of configurations may be suitable for those organisations or businesses.


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