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Make technology work for your business

Choosing the right technology is only half the battle. Making technology work harder for your business is where organisations gain real strategic advantage. Geek-Guru is not just a technology supplier. Geek-Guru is your strategic business advisor.


Ask yourself these questions:

Business Processes

 Do you feel that time or energy is being wasted by inefficient processes?

Are you doing things the way ‘they have always been done’ rather than asking ‘is there is a better way?’


Have you invested in technology that you are struggling to make the most of?

Do you constantly feel that that you should be able to do more with the technology you already have in place?


Are you concerned about the security of your data?

Can you be sure that your employees are safeguarding data when working remotely? 

Mobile Workforce

Are your team able to work effectively wherever and whenever they want?

Have you struggled to adopt remote working? 


We are more than just IT support


Office 365 – Your business toolbox

Office 365 has changed the way businesses operate and opened cloud computing up to organisations of all shapes and sizes. However, Office 365 is a complex product with an ever changing suite of tools and integrations.

Geek-Guru is a Microsoft Silver Cloud Partner and our team has been helping clients make the most of Office 365 for almost a decade.

"Geek-Guru showed us that simple changes could have a huge impact on our business. It really has been an eye opener"

Nicola E – Manufacturing

"I never knew we could do half the things we now do with Office 365. This is a game-changer for our business"

Brian S – Professional Services

"We would have really struggled during lockdown without Geek-Guru guiding us through our options for remote working"

Sue L – Charitable Organisation


"During lockdown we worked with Geek-Guru to implement a totally new way of working remotely. Our team are happier and more efficient"

Chris M – Wholesale Retailer

YOUR strategic PARTNER

With you at every stage of your journey

We are not in business to sell our clients expensive kit that doesn’t fit their needs. Equally we are not a company that churns through project after project with no thought to delivering long term value. 

Geek-Guru has grown by building long-term relationships with our clients. That’s not to say we don’t do single projects – but we find even our ‘one off’ clients return again and again because they know they can trust us. 

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