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Geek-Guru Blog – A Look Back on 2021


It’s been something of an interesting year for the world in many respects, some positive, and some negative – but mostly, it’s been a year of change.

Both at home in the UK and abroad, we have started to see the lasting impact that COVID-19 has had on society and the economy.



It’s fair to say that, without the technological developments of the last decade or so, many organisations and businesses would have struggled, and probably many more would have closed their doors permanently. IT advancements have helped us to work from home, develop working vaccines quickly, and stay in contact with our colleagues and with those closest to us.

On the blog this year we’ve covered a variety of topics, such as some of the improvements that have been made to Microsoft Teams and other similar platforms – many of which have no doubt been sped up by the spread of the pandemic, the resulting restrictions, and thus the necessity of and reliance upon such tools to keep our businesses and organisations going.

2021 has also seen an uptick in online scams and fraud, potentially because more people are doing more things online than ever before, especially shopping and socialising. Business fraud has also increased dramatically with people working from home now being used as potential “weak points” to exploit in order to gain access to critical information and systems.

As always, though, at Geek-Guru we remain committed to protecting our clients, keeping their systems and information safe and secure, while ensuring that they get the best service possible in the event that something does go wrong.

Some different kinds of topics also came up this year – mostly concerned with the repercussions of the drastic changes to working environments. With some people adjusting to a more permanent remote-based working environment where it’s often more likely that you’ll email or video chat with your colleagues than actually see them in person, there have been several mental health hurdles – such as the phenomenon of zoom fatigue and feelings of being disconnected from other people.

With many more people reporting problems with insomnia or being unable to de-stress from work, ideas have been floated such as the “virtual commute”, and making sure we keep in touch with people on a more personal level. Mental health and wellness apps can sometimes help with these feelings and we’ve featured a few that may help.

2021 has also seen the reopening of travel to many destinations that were previously halted to help contain the spread of the virus. Business travel now comes with more security and more testing requirements, but we think it’s great that, while far from perfect, the technology and systems are being put in place and being developed further to allow for this.

Is there something you’d like to see us feature on the Geek-Guru blog this coming year, or do you have any feedback for us? If so, we’d love to hear it – just give us a call or drop us an email using the usual methods.


While 2021 has been quite a year for both business and personal recovery on many levels, we hope that 2022 will be another improvement, and wish a Happy New Year to all of our clients and readers!

Need help or advice to keep your team safe and secure, or have questions about IT security? We can help! Give us a call on 0121 312 1500 or email us at info@geek-guru.co.uk
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