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GDPR Workshops

So we are now well in to our GDPR workshop series. We’ve delivered these to a number of organisations, spanning a range of sectors from healthcare to recruitment, charities to PLCs. The workshop is tailored specifically toward business leaders and executives and is designed to empower those individuals to push their own GDPR compliance programs. The feedback we are getting is that after these workshops, clients have a petty good idea of what they need to do to ensure they are compliant with the new legislation. Of course, some organisations have more work to do than others, but the workshop is a great place to start to get the ball rolling. Details of the training below:


We are now offering a half-day ‘Introduction to GDPR’ workshop. This includes a presentation, some interactive work-throughs, a Q&A session and a ‘moving forward’ information pack. This training is not designed for end-users; rather management and decision makers who require a high-level overview of GDPR. The intention is to ensure that by the end of the session you will have a much clearer view of what needs to be done to ensure you are compliant.

The training can be provided for any number of people. However, we are recommending no more than 5 per session to ensure that we can adequately field questions and focus on your strategy as an organisation. Remember, this is designed for managers and decision makers.

£450 + vat (for up to 5 users)

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