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Free Microsoft Learning Resources – Part One
We never get tired of learning new stuff at Geek-Guru, and when it came to our attention that some people don’t know that Microsoft offer free learning resources for their software online, we thought we’d share.


When working from home, sometimes it can be fun or interesting to take a look at something new, or expand on your existing knowledge, just to shake things up a little!



Microsoft 365 and legacy Office 365 business subscriptions come with a variety of software available for download, not just the standard suite of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. If you’d like to expand on or refresh your existing knowledge, or perhaps take some first steps into a piece of software you haven’t looked at before, there are a large set of free tutorials online that you can use to help you. Some of them cover newer features such as Microsoft Editor, too, meaning that you can learn how best to utilise these new additions.


Quick Start Guides

Quick Start Guides are intended to help those with little or no prior experience in the application to get started (as the name would suggest) as quickly as possible. These short, basic guides serve as a jumping-off point for anyone wanting to get an overview of what the software is capable of, and how to accomplish basic tasks.


Cheat Sheets

These concise and easy-to-read guides are perfect for beginners or those in need of a refresh, perhaps if it’s been a while since you used the software, or if you’re used to using an older version. The PDF files offered are also interactive, and provide links to other, more advanced tutorials for their respective software, if you’re interested in finding out more or need help with something a little more specific. These kinds of short tutorials are available for many of the software packages included in M365, for both PC and Mac versions. Guides are also available for Outlook on Android and iOS.


There is a wealth of other learning content available for free with Microsoft 365, such as more in-depth tutorials and printable infographics – catering for both beginners and more advanced users – We’ll be having a look at these next week!


Need help with hardware or software to help keep your team organised and productive while working remotely? Need help choosing a Microsoft or Office 365 subscription suitable for your organisation? We can help! Give us a call on 0121 312 1500 or email us at info@geek-guru.co.uk
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