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Complimentary Support

What if you have IT in house?

Many of our clients have some form of IT support in house. In those cases, we can work with your own IT team to fill in the gaps. We can provide specialist support, take over 1st line support or provide emergency and holiday cover.

1st Line Support

Perhaps you want to take the pressure off your IT team to work more strategically? Maybe they’re spending t much time on day-to-day support they’re not getting around to bigger projects? By freeing your internal team from 1st line support you can give them space to work on other things

Specialist Support

Perhaps you have the day-to-day stuff covered but want to make sure an expert is on hand for specialist support. Maybe you lack expertise in one area; like IT security or networking. We can provide 2nd and 3rd line cover for a range of IT specialisms.

Strategy & Consultancy

Maybe you have day-to-day support sewn up but need strategic advice or support. We’ve been doing this a long time and our clients can benefit from that expertise – even if they don’t need a support contract.

Build a contract that works for you

One of our core foundations is flexibility. Every client is different and so are their support requirements. We work with organisations to identify their own specific pain points and then build a support package that addresses them.

We have assisted clients with bespoke contracts that address these issues:

  • Clients struggling to manage a growing network
  • Networks that are suffering from a lack of ongoing maintenance
  • Organisations trying to build an onsite IT function
  • Clients struggling after a serious cyber-incident

Geek-Guru assisted in each of these situations with a four point process of audit, strategy, rationalisation and support.

  • Audit – What is the current situation?
  • Strategy – What do we need to do to make things better
  • Rationalisation – Lets put that strategy in place
  • Support – What do you need from us going forward

Want to be proactive – Why reinvent the wheel?

Geek-Guru has been operating for well over a decade and in that time, we have built up a sustainable managed services company, supporting several thousand computers across the UK. We have done this by investing heavily in world class monitoring and management systems. These make it possible to effectively manage large numbers of IT assets through remote support, automation, monitoring and proactive maintenance.

We can work alongside organisations with their own IT teams, providing access to the same systems we use, whilst also providing strategic management and support functions.

0121 227 0439