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Communication Tools – Zoom (Part Four)


As we approach the Christmas and holiday season with the prospect of either a lockdown or at least some social distancing requirements and restrictions in place, it’s important to remember the technology we have to keep us connected to one another, as colleagues, clients, students, teachers, friends, and family… the list goes on.


Video conferencing is one such method, and Zoom is one of the best services in its category, especially for business users. Today we’ll be looking at the Business and Enterprise features of Zoom, and looking into their new ticketed-streaming service, OnZoom.



Business & Enterprise Package Features

Some of the more advanced features in Zoom are available with its business or enterprise packages; these enable you to customise your use of the platform to suit your needs.

The business package allows you to host up to 300 participants at a time in huge group meetings with cloud recording of your meetings available if you need them to reference at a later date. You can even add organisation’s branding or domain to your Zoom package if you wish. Add a dial-in number for participants who wish to take part via telephone, or add support for single-sign-on in your organisation, allowing your users to sign in with their user account for your main systems, such as through Microsoft Azure AD or many other providers.

Further to this, enterprise users enjoy a dedicated support team contact, unlimited cloud storage and the ability to host 500+ participants, a custom corporate URL, and other features such as integration with internal networks and API access for developers to build Zoom support directly into their web apps and tools.



With the pandemic having changed much of our lives, people are finding ways to do things which they perhaps had never thought of before.

Zoom have built a webinar platform called OnZoom, which seeks to fill a niche in this new market – you can buy tickets to view virtual events, conferences, lessons, concerts or even sports, among other things.

Learning new skills, getting fit, enjoying many forms of entertainment such as music and poetry, or attending a workshop – all of these can be done on their new platform.

They can be livestreamed, set at a specific time or available on demand; the host just has to pick their price and category. Personalise the event’s page and the confirmation email that’s sent out to attendees. Weekly scheduled events or one-offs, paid events or free – even interactive events. Host public or private events with granular control over who can and cannot purchase or request a ticket.


We think that this is probably one of many new solutions we’ll see popping up in response to the restrictions imposed by quarantines and lockdowns – watch this space for other apps and platforms of interest!


Need help with hardware or software to help keep your team organised and productive while working remotely? We can help! Give us a call on 0121 312 1500 or email us at info@geek-guru.co.uk


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