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Communication Tools – FaceTime and Google Duo


As we approach a socially-distanced and partially locked-down winter in the UK, it’s important that people are aware of the apps and tools that are available to help them stay connected.


In this blog post, we will be taking a look at some of the simpler tools you can use to keep in contact with others, whether it’s in a work or business environment or a personal environment.


FaceTime and Google Duo

Both of these apps have one thing in common – they’re incredibly simple to use, and they don’t try to be an all-in-one solution. In fact, these apps do one thing only – video chat. While FaceTime is only available on Apple devices, Google Duo is available on both Android and iOS devices, as well as on PC via web browser; it’s pretty much Google’s version of FaceTime.


Business Use

You may think – why would anyone ever want or need to use either of these for business or work? Well, it really depends on what is available, and what’s needed. In a pinch, they are easy to use and require little to no setup at all if you own a device they’re installed on or native to. This can be useful if either you or a colleague are away from your computer or other regular device, or if you have a job in which face-to-face contact with clients is necessary. Since smart devices are so prevalent, it’s quite likely that the person you need to contact will have access to either one or both of these applications. If they do not have access to an iOS or Mac device (and therefore do not have access to FaceTime), Google Duo is quick and free to download, with a simple setup.

One-to-one meetings between colleagues can be improved with video chat too; it’s often easier to communicate thoughts and ideas using facial cues, movements and expressions than simply voice, so it’s great for sharing and motivation.


Personal Use

Of course, both of these applications were initially designed with personal users in mind, and here is where they can be not only useful but a lifeline.

Keeping in contact with friends, relatives and loved ones during times of social distancing and lockdown can be challenging at best – sometimes we may be forced to go weeks or maybe months without being able to meet up with them, especially if they are older or have health issues.

While it is no replacement for a regular face-to-face meeting, video chat is one of the best things available to help you stay connected to others. These simple apps can make a world of difference, since they are single-purpose and easy enough to understand and use, even for the very young, very old, chronically ill, or those with other issues.

It’s no secret that many people are suffering with mental health issues during the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated lockdowns and social distancing; sometimes just seeing a friendly face can make a huge difference.


Obtaining Google Duo is a simple task, simply download it from either the Play Store or the App Store, depending on what device you’re running. You can also access it as a browser-based app via the Google website; just search for Google Duo. To use it on a desktop or laptop PC, you will of course need a webcam. Both parties will need to download Google Duo to their respective devices.

FaceTime is built in to most iOS devices and is also available as a feature on MacOS. All you need to do is just make sure you have the person’s contact details, that they also have a FaceTime-capable iOS or Mac device, and you’re set.


Need help with hardware or software to help keep your team organised and productive while working remotely? We can help! Give us a call on 0121 312 1500 or email us at info@geek-guru.co.uk
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