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Office 365 Birmingham

Office 365 Support

Geek-Guru are experts in Office 365 and the various tools it provides. Office 365 has been a game changer and we’re finding the vast majority of clients now use some part of it to run their operations. Office 365 provides:

  • Exchange Online – The worlds favourite email system no longer requires a server. Cloud based email, calendar and contacts lists that can be accessed on all your devices and shared between employees.
  • OneDrive – Synchronise your files between devices and users enabling access from laptops, smartphones, tablets and web-browsers. Replace your ‘My Documents’ with a fully backed up, cloud synchronised solution (think Drobox but integrated with your other business tools).
  • SharePoint – Share files with colleagues without the need for shared drives or VPNs to the corporate network. Granular permissions keep your files and folders secure allowing for hierarchical access (think cloud based mapped drives).
  • Teams – Collaboration, video conferencing, messaging – All integrated to SharePoint and Exchange. It’s like having your own organisational Zoom platform.
  • Azure AD – Protect, secure enforce and audit your devices using Azure Active Directory.

Why use Geek-Guru for Office 365 Support

Geek-Guru have been setting up and supporting Office 365 for over a decade. We were one of the first IT solutions providers to fully embrace the idea of server replacement using this innovative platform. We’ve helped numerous organisations take advantage of Office 365 to reduce costs, improve flexible working, and improve resiliency. Some of the services we offer:

Office 365 Migration – We’ve helped organisations of all shapes and sizes move away from traditional IT infrastructure toward cloud based technologies. We can assist with all stages of migration (see below) from planning through to end user training.

Office 365 Training – We’ve put together a complete Office 365 training program which can be delivered onsite or remotely via Teams or Zoom. Help everyone make the most of Office 365 by investing in quality training for your employees.

Office 365 Support – We have been supporting clients through their Office 365 journey for over a decade. No matter how you use Office 365 we are on hand to support you and your team.

Office 365 Security – Office 365 has a wealth of tools to keep you safe and secure. Geek-Guru are Office 365 security experts and can audit and secure your Office 365 tenancy.


Office 365 Migrations

Are you looking to migrate to Office 365 from on site servers?

If you are looking to move to Office 365, it’s important that you approach the process in a structured manner. We’ve spoken to numerous clients who attempted Office 365 migration themselves only to come unstuck down the line when it is much more costly to correct. There are many ways that an organisation can handle migrating to Office 365 and at Geek-Guru we have a mature process that we have perfected over many years and many projects. Some factors you may want to consider:

  • E-Mail Migration – Are you moving from an onsite Exchange server or internet based IMAP/POP3 Servers? These have different migration strategies.
  • User Documents – Do you plan to move users ‘My Documents’ to OneDrive? If so, how do you plan to manage the migration to avoid disruption to end users?
  • Shared Drives – Do you plan to move you shared drives to SharePoint? If so, how do you plan to split them up in to team sites and document libraries?
  • Azure AD – Do you plan to join your devices to AzureAD? If so, are you planning hybrid deployment with your onsite domain?

These are just four of the questions we go through with our clients before we start the actual migration work.

Interested in Office 365 security? Check out this Office 365 security primer available on our CyberSet security learning platform.

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