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Cloud Storage – Google Drive

Most people in the developed world will have, at some point, come into contact with or used one of Google’s technologies, whether it’s using a phone running the Android operating system, using the search engine or using the Chrome browser on their PC.

As one of the largest tech giants in the world, along with Apple, Samsung and Microsoft, and as an investor in data infrastructure and development of online technologies, Google is well placed to offer a fast, secure and reliable cloud storage system.

Google’s G Suite for Business and Enterprise is their business-related offering, and comes with Google Drive storage space in much the same way Office 365 comes with OneDrive space; if you’re a personal user, you can get an allowance of 15GB for free, or upgrade to one of the Google One options, which start at a very reasonable £1.49 a month for 100gb of storage space.

Google Drive syncs files to your devices and the cloud in much the same way that OneDrive does, through an application on your pc or mobile device, and one of their selling points for their Business and Enterprise offerings is that it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office, and also with their own web apps such as Google Sheets and Google Docs. We’ll be covering the rest of Google’s G Suite in future blog posts.

Here’s some of the advantages to Google Drive:

  • Fast access to your files on any device or in any browser,
  • Secure data transfer and storage,
  • Optional two-factor authentication,
  • Reliable infrastructure, using Google’s own technologies,
  • Apps for most devices and operating systems – including Windows, OS X, Android and iOS,
  • Generous free storage space,
  • Reasonably-priced upgrade options for Personal and Business users,
  • Integration with Android OS and Chrome OS if you use an Android device or Chromebook,
  • Share links quickly and easily.


For more information or advice on cloud storage and cloud computing and how it could benefit your business, give Geek-Guru a call on 0121 312 1500 or drop us an email at info@geek-guru.co.uk

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