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Choosing A Browser – Google Chrome


When it comes to using a browser, many people will just use whatever is installed on their device to begin with – which is most likely Safari, Edge or Chrome.


Rather than simply using whatever is the default for your system, our series of guides aims to provide you with the knowledge to make an informed choice about which browser is best for you, based on a number of factors.

Most browsers are available on multiple platforms, so it’s likely possible to keep your favourite one, even if you move platforms, with the exception of Safari.



Flexible, Multi-Platform Syncing, Extension Support

Chrome is available for iOS, MacOS, Windows, Chrome OS, Android and Linux – making it easy to keep your settings, bookmarks, favourites and other things synced between your devices.

With 60% of the total market share among all devices (mobile and desktop), Chrome is the biggest and most popular web browser, for many reasons. Part of this is because it’s usually included in some form on devices that run Android, but there are other reasons, too.

As it’s built on Chromium, on many devices, it’s the fastest and most responsive browser, and has the best score for compatibility with current web standards (HTML5) among all currently available browsers. It’s also frequently patched and updated when bugs and security issues arise, so it’s one of the most secure options available, provided it’s kept up to date. It is backed by one of the largest tech companies in the world, and has a secure built-in password manager and payment information storage which can sync across all devices using the Chrome browser.

With support for add-ons or plugins (known as Extensions – for desktop versions only) on the Chrome Web Store, Chrome is also highly customisable, with a variety of tools and themes available to download. Chrome does not include any Ad blockers or VPNs as standard, for example, but this is easily achieved via extensions.


Privacy and Performance Concerns

Of course, the caveat here is that the browser is a service made and run by Google, who own the largest data collection and analysis platform in the world. There are anti-tracking and anti-fingerprinting extensions available for those concerned with privacy, but to get the best use of Chrome’s most useful features, a Google account is necessary.

Google have, however, recently started to address this issue, and have some plans to implement enhanced privacy measures in upcoming versions.

Sometimes, on some older or slower machines, particularly PCs, Chrome can tie up a lot of the system’s available resources and the result is slowdown of the whole system. This doesn’t usually affect recent machines, but should be a consideration if you are running on particularly dated hardware.


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