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Choosing a Browser – Apple Safari


Is Safari the right browser for you? If you’re a user of Apple devices, Safari is the default browser for them – you may have been using it without realising!


This is actually how most people end up using it – unless you have already chosen a browser and want to import your settings or sync from an online account like you can with Google Chrome or Firefox, there is usually no reason for a regular user to install a third-party browser on an Apple device.

Safari, unlike many other browsers, is limited to MacOS and iOS systems. However, its limited availability is actually one of its strengths. It is built on WebKit, an open-source browser engine originally developed Apple.



Specific to Apple Devices

Because Apple devices run specific types of hardware and devices that have been pre-approved by Apple, it has been very carefully optimised to run on those devices with as low a footprint on system resources as possible. Its greatest strength is that it is a very reliable, fast, and stable piece of software on devices which can run it.

Its user-friendliness is also one of its strengths; while some may consider the lack of customisation and advanced options a negative, it can actually work in Safari’s favour. Simpler, streamlined features mean that the software is more stable than it otherwise may be if other more complicated customisation and configuration options were available, or if Safari had similar extension, customisation, and add-on compatibility to other browsers.

Simply put, the browser will just work, with no fuss and minimal effort for many users – which is exactly what most people will want from their web browsing experience.


Security and Privacy

Safari includes access to things like iCloud Keychain (Apple’s Password Manager), a pop-up blocker and privacy features such as anti-fingerprinting measures – Apple’s recent push has been towards helping people reclaim some of their privacy on an increasingly data-driven online world.



While Safari is a decent web browser for everyday tasks, power users or users of other browsers with more configuration options may feel a little stifled by Apple’s apparent unwillingness to allow much customisation. The extension and customisation options are, even in a macOS desktop environment, still very limited – but this fits in with the general philosophy of how Apple software and devices work. Less configuration by the user means that there are less things to go wrong, and thus less for the end user to worry about.


If you want a browser that works well and runs smoothly, Safari is a great choice on iOS and macOS devices – users of other operating systems who are migrating onto an Apple device and want to sync between their non-Apple devices may wish to install their most-used browser, such as Chrome or Firefox – which, fortunately, is usually still an option.


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