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Business Systems and CRM

SME and Enterprise-Level Solutions

We offer a range of solutions and services for SME and Enterprise-level CRM,  and Business Process Analysis.

We primarily use Zoho for SMEs and Microsoft Dynamics at Enterprise-level – These types of systems help to collate, organise and centralise all of your important customer relationship data and make it easily accessible to those who need it, such as sales and marketing teams, or management teams for analysis and reporting.

Unlike some IT companies, Geek-Guru believe IT is a means to an end rather than an end in itself. We are focused on providing tangible business benefits to our clients, and do so by designing and implementing solutions that will positively and measurably impact upon the performance of your business.

Seamless Integration. Industry Leading Software.

Our Business and CRM solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure, whether they’re provided by us or not.

We pride ourselves on creating a solution that is as unique as our clients’ organisations; no two systems will be identical, and we’ll make sure we put together a solution that’s tailored specifically to your organisation’s individual requirements.

Our systems can be fully onsite hosted, hybrid or cloud-based; using industry-leading, fully-customisable software.

Further information on our Business Systems and CRM packages will be available shortly.

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