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Business Solutions

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The world of IT is changing. Traditionally, businesses would have kept all their data on internal servers. The last decade has seen this change with more services than ever moving to the cloud. Office 365, DropBox, VoIP phones, Azure. How do you take advantage of the cloud revolution without sacrificing security and control of business data?

Geek-Guru has always been an IT company that embraces change. We are proud of our track record of bringing cutting edge technology to our SME clients. We have a vast amount experience tailoring IT systems to our clients needs and like to think we strike the right balance between tried and trusted vs. new and innovative.

We work with the biggest names in both on-site and cloud technology. We see ourselves as a solution provider – we are not tied to any one vendor and we will always do what is best for the client. Sometimes that means sticking with traditional server solutions, such as Microsoft Server, and sometimes that means more agile cloud based systems. Check out the information below to see how we help our clients with their individual business needs.

Server Solutions

Going back 10 years there were only limited cloud systems – if you wanted integrated email, secure file sharing, network security and user control you needed a server. Whilst the world has changed, on-site severs are still a crucial part of the IT puzzle and for many the only solution that ticks all the boxes. There are many reasons that businesses choose to use on-site servers including:

  • Up-front capital investment suits some businesses.
  • Lower ongoing costs – no perpetual subscriptions.
  • Tighter control over the location and proliferation of data.
  • Some software package don’t have cloud versions so on-site servers are required.
  • By combining services on server hardware savings can be made (for example by using a VoIP PBX like 3CX).

Pure Cloud Solutions

Going for a complete cloud solution can work well for some businesses – especially smaller companies or those where the workforce are significantly distributed. The fewer people that work in one location the less sense it makes to go for a centralised server institution. It’s rare to see a company go ‘full-cloud’, and it tends to favour those clients with some technical knowledge in house, but where it does happen it’s possible to realise some benefits:

  • Fewer upfront costs may be beneficial – especially for start-ups.
  • Cloud solutions suit a distributed workforce.
  • No ongoing maintenance costs for hardware and software.
  • No worries about backups and securing physical servers.
  • Leverage cutting edge cloud services.

Hybrid Solutions

Puzzle PieceIt is our experience that most clients will opt for the hybrid approach. By utilising both on-site and cloud systems you get the best of both worlds.

Businesses benefit from the flexibility and ‘on demand’ aspects of the cloud whilst retaining the speed and control of their on-site resources.

  • Pick and choose so you benefit from the ‘best of both worlds’
  • Much reduced reliance on on-site IT with subsequent reduction in upfront capital.
  • More agile business systems that suit both on-site and remote workers.
  • Reduce reliance on broadband connections by balancing on-site and off-site services.