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Apps and Services for Mental Health – Headspace (Part Three)


Technology is often accused of keeping us awake longer than we should be; this is true in some cases – but there are tools available that can be useful in helping you to reclaim your sleep schedule and downtime, which can in turn help you feel more relaxed, better balanced and less stressed – and thus more productive and able to focus.


One of the most common complaints doctors deal with is trouble sleeping. Whatever age, gender, race, education level or field of work – anyone can have trouble sleeping. Sleep is one of the most important processes for the human body – and a lack of it can have a knock-on effect on every other system.

Headspace’s Sleep features aim to help no matter what your sleep-related complaint is. Whether you need help to relax and fall asleep, are having trouble staying asleep, or need help when you find yourself awake and anxious at night, you’ll find some helpful information or supportive advice.



Wind-Downs and Sleepcasts

Wind-downs in Headspace are short, guided relaxation techniques to help you switch your frame of mind from active wakefulness to restful sleep. They can vary in length, from 1-20 minutes, and some can be adjusted.

Sleepcasts are short stories, designed to help you calm your body and mind, relax and fall asleep. They have a background soundscape which varies by story, and you can adjust the balance of ambience-to-voice to suit. If you prefer a quiet voice and a louder background ambience, you can set it that way. Or, if you just want the ambience or the voice without the other, setting the slider all the way to one side turns off the opposite one completely.


Sleep Music, Soundscapes and Sleep Radio

Sleep music is exactly what it says – music to help you fall asleep, in varying categories and themes. If you struggle with being woken up by sounds, or waking up and not being able to get back to sleep, you can put some of their music on an 8-hour timer, or choose one of their sleep radio stations, which also plays music and sounds around a theme for a solid 8 hours, blocking out background noise and helping to calm your mind.

Soundscapes are soothing sounds that can help with relaxation and sleep, and also help to block out background noise, for example if you live near a busy road or are easily disturbed by other sounds. Themes such as various types of running water, rain, ocean sounds, snowfall, thunder, chirping insects or city ambience are available and can be set to play from 45 minutes up to 8 hours (500 minutes).


Night-time SOS

All of us occasionally have times where we just can’t fall asleep, or wake up with a worry or six on our minds and find it frustratingly hard or next to impossible to fall back to sleep. Night-time SOS is designed to help with these moments, with short guided relaxation sessions to help you put your worries into perspective and be present – deal with stress, pain, racing thoughts and other issues.


Next week, we’ll be taking a look at the Move section of Headspace – promoting mindful exercise.


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