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Apps and Services for Mental Health – Headspace (Part One)
Continuing along the theme of apps designed to help manage and improve mental health, this week our blog explores some of the features of Headspace, an app designed to help people relax, sleep, de-stress, become more resilient and live more mindfully, day-to-day.



Get Some Headspace

Headspace’s tagline is “Be Kind to your Mind” – something that the app aims and to assist with. It’s targeted primarily at working adults, and offers sessions short enough that no matter how busy a schedule you have, you can find something in the app to fit it. It was originally designed as an events service for businesses to help their employees overcome stress and become more resilient; however, the attendees always left wanting something to take with them, to help them remember and apply what they had learned at the event – thus was the idea of a Headspace online service born.


Scientific Backing

A main focal point of Headspace’s services is that, while many of them are based in the ancient art of meditation, they are backed by science, and they continue to participate in studies and ongoing research in the scientific community, down to having their own in-house science department. They use this ongoing research to judge the performance of their services and to improve, expand or adjust them where necessary. Some of their studies have even gone into detail with how their app and service can help patients who have pre-existing conditions that can cause or add to ill mental health, such as depression, anxiety or even cancer.

Scientific insights can be useful in these circumstances, especially with a business-focused service, as it allows them to provide results and evidence that their solution is effective – even to those who may scoff or dismiss the service at the mention of meditation. The result is a service that is able to prove its efficacy and one that offers the backing of psychologists, and a more scientific approach to mental wellness.


Next week we’ll be taking a look at some of the features and content that Headspace has to offer.


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