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Apps and Services for Mental Health – Headspace (Part Four)


As a nation, it’s not just our mental health that’s been affected by the lockdown; being stuck mostly indoors for months has had an impact on our physical health and fitness, even for people who were not very active to begin with. Some people have found ways to exercise, outdoors or indoors, whereas others are realising how much they actually walked around the office or how much the walking during their commute or lunch break was helping to keep them fit.


All isn’t lost, of course, we can get moving again! There has been a surge of interest in methods to help us keep fit while at home (with limited access to gyms or other fitness facilities).

All aspects of our health are linked together – mental health can have an impact on physical health, and vice versa. There are, however, a few ways to exercise both at the same time. While it’s often very useful for some individuals, it’s important to note that exercise isn’t an instant or complete fix for mental health issues. Some people find that it’s good idea to keep track of how they’re feeling by checking in with themselves outside of their fitness sessions, too. To endeavour to take care of both things at once, Headspace have a dedicated Move section in their app.



Exercise and Being Present

Within the Move section of the Headspace app, their take on mindful exercise combines a few elements of meditation with aspects of a traditional workout. One of the main elements they apply is mindfulness and keeping yourself present – which people can often find easier if they have a physical task to perform that helps them focus on what is happening and where they are.


Yoga, Mini Workouts, Mindful Cardio – for Beginners or Experts

Whether you’re just figuring out how to pry yourself off the sofa for a walk, or you’ve got plans to run a marathon when lockdown is over (or anything in-between), there are exercises to suit in the Headspace Move section. Of course, the traditional Yoga sessions are there, as meditation and yoga often go hand-in-hand, but there are also other options such as stretches, walks, jogs, runs, weights, cardio, and even some complete beginner courses designed to just help you get moving. All of the exercises are audio or video guided, so there’s no reason to feel lost. They all have helpful instructions and some music to help keep you going – and prompts to help keep you focused on the activity you’re doing, rather than letting your mind wander.

Even for those with a very busy or demanding schedule, there are some mini workouts and exercises that can be performed anywhere, anytime, even with just a few minutes to spare. No need for any special equipment, just open the app and get going.


Rest Days

Any trainer will tell you that one of the key parts of every exercise regime is making sure you take breaks, to let your body rest and recover. For your rest days, there are guided meditations to help keep you in a mindful movement mindset event though you may not be working out that day.


Next week we’ll be having a look at the Focus section of the Headspace app!


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