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Apps and Services for Mental Health – Calm (Part Three)

Many businesses have been employing new techniques to help their staff stay on track and stay productive while working remotely due to lockdown.


Some of these are centred around mental health and stress management – and breaking down taboos surrounding mental health issues is important for people of all ages and all walks of life. Many of us will know someone who struggles with mental health issues, even if it is not immediately evident.

Apps like Calm aim to help people manage their own mental health, and better yet aim to prevent issues before they start, by helping to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and increase mindfulness and resilience.



Calm Teams and Calm for Business

Calm offer two subscription tiers for businesses and organisations – each one provides access to all of the premium content we mentioned in our previous posts.

Access is simple; Calm allows one central administrator to invite other users from their Calm Partner Portal. Billing is on a per-subscriber basis and is handled centrally from your dashboard.

Calm for Teams, for 5-100 users, is a self-service option that offers 15% off compared to traditional individual subscriptions per month. Calm for Business, for 100+ users, is a bespoke package that’s built to suit the business or organisation.

Neither package has any analytics yet, although this is planned for mid 2021. Because of the sensitive and personal nature of the app and its usage, analytics given will only be aggregate data for all users rather than an insight into any one particular person’s usage – an important point to note for those who are concerned about personal privacy.


Who uses it? What do they get out of it?

Some very large companies provide Calm for their colleagues and have been reaping the rewards. GoFundMe, Kraft Heinz and Universal Music are three of the most recognisable names providing Calm for their staff.

Improved productivity and reduced stress are two of the major benefits that some organisations have seen; particularly those applying it as a new method to help people cope with a different working environment during the pandemic.

Resilience is another key factor – by helping people to improve their mindfulness, giving them tools to help with relaxation and sleep, and even in some cases to improve empathy and encourage communication, potential problems are caught and managed before they have time to develop further.

It’s not only a great tool for those who need it – it’s a great proactive strategy to prevent issues occurring in the first place.

It is not only of benefit to the employees of an organisation either – statistics and surveys suggest that it the service is also often used by other family members such as partners, and some parents and guardians have also praised the dedicated Calm Kids section, which aims to help children with mindfulness, relaxation and meditation.

We hope you and your team are managing to stay as healthy and stress-free as possible at the moment!


Next week we’ll be looking at Headspace, another similar app and service that provides content for relaxation and improving or managing mental health issues.


Need help with hardware or software to keep your team focused and productive while working remotely? We can help! Give us a call on 0121 312 1500 or email us at info@geek-guru.co.uk.
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